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About Doctor Ug's Forum

Welcome to Doctor Ug's Forum 

You are free to engage in a casual chat, conversation, or a discussion about anything that comes to your mind.  Of course we must respect each others boundaries and parameters.  But as long as you are willing to retain a cheerful, happy, stimulating, and engaging discourse you are free to talk about anything. 

This is one of the elements that make Doctor Ug's Online Community worth your time.  A closed-membership Forum that allows you the opportunity to connect and learn from each other.  

The Forum Rules are as follow:

1. Be respectful of each other
2. Challenge yourself
3. Be happy and have fun
4. Writing in both English and Japanese is acceptable

You are free to ask each other or respond to each other's comments anytime and all-the-time.  Occasionally, I will jump in and make some comments as well. 

Thanks for your attention.   Have a good one!  Yuji

Be respectful to each other
Challenge yourself
Be happy and have fun
Writing in both English and Japanese is accepted